mental health

Back in 2015, I wrote a poem called, ‘Men cry in cars’. It was about how we perceive the role of men in society and how men tend to hide their emotions. So, with Father’s Day approaching I thought it a good opportunity to write a blog about the role of fathers and grandfathers in how we cope with our two biggest global environmental crises (climate change and habitat loss) and how these crises might be causing our fathers and grandfathers to grieve during this significant time of global change.

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On a recent Sunday in December, Third Fuse writer Phil McNamara competed in his first triathlon with Tri-4-The-Planet (a group getting active for their physical and mental health while getting active in climate advocacy).

There is lots of evidence that climate change is not only impacting on our environment but also a wide range of health outcomes, including our mental health. But there is also lots of evidence about the benefits of keeping active and exercising for people who care deeply about our environment.

During January and February, Third Fuse will donate $10 from every paperback sale of Red Reflection and $4 from every e-Book to Tri 4 The Planet.

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