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Red Reflection (fiction): paperback – 291 pages.

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2 reviews for Red Reflection – PAPERBACK

  1. Phyllis Grace

    great read, imaginative descriptions and thought provoking story. Loved the creative story line describing how humans have abused this beautiful planet and encouraging us to do better.

  2. Kate Hester (Brisbane)

    Found this book in our local street library. Glad I picked it out. Red Reflection is written in the first person. Ellin tells the story to her baby daughter, Little El, about the change from Red to Blue, from living with nature to fighting against it. I could really relate to the impacts that the people have on the world that’s created (which could be anywhere) but I’d never really thought about how fast it has happened. The author squeezes these changes into the life of Ellin (no doubt to highlight the speed of the changes). I particularly loved the sections where Ellin is talking in real time. There is a lot of reflecting on past events and there could have been more of the current day but I can forgive that because I also loved this book’s treatment of death and big picture thinking about how we react to hardship. There is lots of turning things upside down about what’s good and bad (hence the Red, which you’d think is the bad times and are not, and the blue, which you’d think are the good times, which are not necessarily so). Lots to think about in this novel.

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